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Steps to follow when having burst geyser: plumbing company: sump pump installation: pipe lining

  1. Turn off the power. Find your electrical distribution board (DB Box) and switch off the switch labelled “Geyser”.
  2. Close the shut-off valve to the geyser, if you were unable to find the geysers shut-off valve, close the main shut-off valve to the property, usually situated close to the water meter.
  3. After the water has been shut-off and the electricity to the geyser has been switched off, both hot and cold taps in the bath can be opened to try and drain out as much water as possible from the leaking geyser.
  4. Call us to dispatch one of our qualified plumbers to your aid. Geyser Repairs Faerie Glen

Geyser Problems, Geyser Repairs Faerie Glen: leak detection: water softener systems: plumbers in my area

  • The thermostat that acts as a switch, reading the water temperature and in turn switching the element on and off could be faulty.
  • The element could have burnt and therefore not heating up.
  • The power supply to the geyser could have a problem by having a wire burnt, the isolator switch or circuit breaker malfunctioning.
  • A burst hot water pipe is causing the hot water to drain continuously. Geyser Repairs Faerie Glen
  • From time to time, A faulty geyser timer could be the cause of the geyser not heating up.

Our Response on your call for Faulty geyser Repairs Faerie Glen: garbage disposal installation

  • A friendly, competent person is taking your call and providing you with a reference number.
  • To sum this up, A highly skilled plumber being dispatched to your service.
  • On arrival, the plumber will assess the problem by testing the components, electrical circuit and switches.
  • The plumber will inform you what the problem is and quote you accordingly for the repair and if it is an electrical problem caused by wiring or the distribution board, we will help you find a reputable electrician. Geysers Repairs Faerie Glen
  • All geyser components are stocked on our vehicles to ensure that your frustration is dealt with in a blink of an eye.
  • In short, we do geyser installations

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  • Repairing or replacement of leaking or burst geysers
  • Repairing of water leakages caused from leaking, cracked or burst pipes
  • Unblocking of blocked drains, Geyser Repairs Faerie Glen
  • Repair or replacement of leaking or broken Safety and Pressure valves
  • As a matter of fact, Geyser tripping problems
  • Repairs to leaking toilets
  • With this in mind, Repairs or replacement of leaking or broken taps
  • Repairs to geyser overflow problems
  • To begin with, Replacement of faulty geyser elements or thermostats
  • So, Installation of Isolator Switches
  • As soon as, Repair to leaking or cracked baths, Geysers Repairs Faerie Glen
  • Detecting and repairing of no hot water supply from the geyser
  • Finally, Supply and fitment of Solar Geysers
Geyser Repairs Faerie Glen